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With its 30 years of experience in the industry, BIRGE STONE is a doyen brand in the industry, especially in application area. Devtaş is Turkey's largest and most innovative company in its field on basalt extraction and processing, sizing; and making a wide product range with different surface types. Basalt stone is used more in today's architectural and urban planning, distinguishing it positively from all other natural stones and marble groups; it is the most preferred material in domestic and international markets as a natural stone that puts its signature on timeless designs because it is extremely stylish, elegant and yet robust


Combining their forces, Devtaş, which is in the export champions league of our country, extracts this very valuable material with the most innovative technologies and delivers it to architects and end users with different surface options; and again in natural stone application and Birge, which has become a brand in the sector with its detailed solutions, visionary approaches, trained application staff have undertaken the duty of flag carrier to bring basalt stone and the name of our country to the fore in domestic and especially foreign markets; setting out with the duty and mission of being ambassadors with a new perspective on natural stone, vision in natural stone and customer satisfaction.


An umbrella company has been established to have a presence in the European market and especially in the UK market; it was decided to sell and market the basalt stone to the whole of England, based in London, by establishing a large warehouse that will almost resemble a showroom by using new system technologies; Architectural and design teams have also been established to provide innovative, fast, solution-oriented and support to projects; Working with the motto of very high product standard and service quality, which will be achieved with high circulation and high stocks to be ensured by containers to be sent every week, by supplying fast, technical and detailed solutions directly from the factory.


Our mission is to introduce Basalt stone to provide it the entire world, to make it popular and to leave an architectural cultural heritage to be carried to future generations.

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